Crowdsourcing – help make Greater Manchester the first Living Wage City Region‏

Our campaign has already had great success:

  • 1 local council

  • 100 Living Wage Employers locally

  • 1,000s of workers benefiting

A reasonable estimate would put our direct and indirect impacts at over £2m, straight into the pockets of Greater Manchester’s lower-paid workers.

Every pound given to the campaign has therefore been multiplied more than 60x, and gone directly to tackling in-work poverty.

We want Greater Manchester to be the first Living Wage City Region, but there is a long way still to go.


Can you make a donation to help keep the Campaign running?

As you may have heard, we are looking for a new coordinator for the campaign, but at present we’re only able to offer a temporary contract, because we only have funding assured until December.

We believe in job security and would really like to be able to offer longer terms to our new coordinator! In addition they will be more effective in the role if they’re able to plan for the long-term.

In three short years our local Living Wage campaign has become one of the most effective in the country. We have reached over 100 local LW Employers, and delivered pay rises for thousands of the lowest-paid workers across the city region.

We have done all of this this on a very modest budget, and therefore offer fantastic “value for money” for those who want to tackle the underlying causes of poverty. This is partly because of the work of so many great campaigners who give their time for free to make the magic happen, but we also need a paid coordinator to harness and equip the efforts of those campaigners.

So we’re asking our supporters to consider making a donation to the campaign – either monthly or one-off. If 50 of the people who receive this email were to give £10 each per month, this would cover more than half of our needs at current levels.

The funds for the campaign are administered by the charity Church Action on Poverty, so you can Gift-Aid any donations too.

Please give now to support the work of the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign

Alternatively if you’d rather not give online, please write a cheque payable to “Church Action on Poverty”, with “For GM LW Campaign” on the back, and send it to Church Action on Poverty, Dale House, Unit 28 Sandpiper Court, Water’s Edge Business Park, Modwen Road, Salford M5 3EZ – they’ll pass it all on to the campaign.

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