Manchester City United for a Living Wage!

Last week we teamed up with the Manchester City Fans Living Wage Campaign, Manchester United fans, Kate Green MP trade unionists and more, to call on both clubs to pay the Living Wage to all of their match-day staff.

Manchester City United

The action received great coverage from ITV, The Daily Mail, Sky Sports, ESPN, News Talk and the Messenger

Manchester United responded by announcing that they will pay their directly-employed staff the Living Wage a year ahead of the Premier League’s schedule, while Manchester City reiterated that they have already been doing so for two years. No club has yet committed to rolling the Living Wage out to its suppliers – where most of the low-paid staff remain – or becoming Living Wage Employers, although Manchester City is working on the issue.

Manchester United’s statement in full:

“During last month’s Premier League shareholders’ meeting, the clubs agreed to adopt the Living Wage for all full-time employees by the start of the 2016/17 season. Manchester United is fully supportive of this initiative and will be implementing this policy from 1st July 2015, a year earlier than agreed.”

Manchester City’s statement:

‘Since May 2013 Manchester City Football Club has paid the Living Wage to all directly employed staff. The club also has a robust sustainable procurement policy for capital works that includes a requirement that suppliers already pay the living wage or are working towards it, and whether suppliers pay the living wage is part of the selection process for all new contracts. City engages employment and procurement practices that are robust and socially aware. These take into account of the need for affordable living, best care in welfare, training and skills development, and local opportunity including apprenticeships and new skills programmes. There is a huge amount being undertaken to ensure there is a positive impact of any club investment for local people and the local economy overall, with sustainable outputs and outcomes.”

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