First meeting of the year – lots to celebrate, lots to do!

All are welcome to join us at our next meeting at 2-4pm, Tuesday 3rd February at Micah Room, 3rd Floor, Dale House, 35 Dale Street, Manchester M1 2HF.

We have plenty of success to build upon, but here’s the most recent – last week the Co-op Bank, one of the biggest businesses in Greater Manchester, announced that it will pay the Living Wage from April onwards! What’s more, they are following their customers’ lead in this, who rated the Living Wage very highly among priorities for the Bank.

This is a great start to 2015, and shows that consumer pressure for the Living Wage is growing – a key moment for the campaign.

At the meeting we’ll be discussing this and more:

  • Update on employers
  • Strategy for engaging employers
  • Communications
  • Finances
  • Upcoming events

It’ll be great to see you there, to work together to make 2015 the year that turns the tables on poverty pay!

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2 Responses to First meeting of the year – lots to celebrate, lots to do!

  1. A.M.Hannon says:

    I am a bit confused about the Living Wage.I work for Trafford Council,and they have told me they are a living wage payer.When I started in November 2014 my wage is £6.79 and they make it up to £7.20,which is the amount I am still receiving,yet I know the Living Wage has gone up to £7.85.So how can they call themselves a living Wage payer,when they still pay £7.20?

    • tomskinner78 says:

      Good question, only employers that pay the national Living Wage (outside London) of £7.85 per hour should say they pay the Living Wage. Even then, they need to do more (trying to get contractors also paid the Living Wage for example) to become accredited Living Wage Employers. Trafford Council have set their own minimum rate of pay, which is a good thing to do, but it isn’t the Living Wage.

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