Living Wage for Greater Manchester!


We launched the new Living Wage rate of £7.85 today, the first time it’s ever been done in the North West. 75 people attended as we celebrated:

  • the new rate that means a pay rise for thousands of workers
  • the first 12 months of the GM Living Wage Campaign
  • the exponential rise in the number of Living Wage Employers – up more than 250% in Greater Manchester over the last year

We heard from a great range of speakers – Kate Green MP who chaired the event, employers from every sector, and Dave Morton whose testimony is written up here. We also launched “Living Wage and the Role of Local Government”, a thinkpiece by Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) that you can read here.

This was followed by a range of workshops that informed people and invited them to help set the agenda for the next year of campaigning for the Living Wage in Greater Manchester!

Photo Credit: Andrew Pilkington

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