Tweet for a Living Wage on derby day!

It’s the derby as Manchester City host Manchester United on the first day of Living Wage Week, 2nd November at 1:30pm. This is a great opportunity to call on both great clubs to pay a Living Wage to all their in-house and contracted staff, to become the first official Living Wage football clubs in the Premier League.

Just tweet or post on Facebook why you think they should pay a Living Wage, with #mcfc and/or #mufc hashtags from 12noon on Sunday afternoon – please keep it positive and constructive! Other hashtags to widen the conversation are #LW4GM and of course #LivingWageWeek. You can ask others to join the call too, especially people with a lot of followers or friends.

We think they should pay a Living Wage because:

  • it’s the right thing to do
  • they claim to value all of their staff
  • it’ll make Manchester a better place, and give us something else to be proud of
  • they can afford to pay their top stars over £200k per week, while some low-paid staff struggle to make a living
  • they’d beat London clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea to it!

Feel free to use any of these reasons, or to think one up yourself.

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