Fair Pay Fortnight is here!

“Getting money back into people pockets is essential to securing a strong recovery. We also need to avoid another debt fuelled spending boom” Britain Needs a Pay Rise Campaign

Fair Pay Fortnight, 24th March – 6th April, will highlight low pay and inequality in events around the country.

We’ve been getting ready by presenting a People’s Budget at the Manchester People’s Assembly, and talking about the GM Living Wage Campaign on BBC Radio Manchester (you can listen again for 6 days, 2:07 into the program).

During the fortnight we’re speaking at two events in Manchester, to which you are all welcome:

  • Manchester Black & Minority Ethnic Network Event – 10am Wednesday 26th March. London Scottish House, 24 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 3NN
  • The launch of “In Place of Pay Inequality“, a new report on low pay in Gtr Manchester local authorities, and what we can do about it – 6pm Wednesday 2nd April. Collier Room, Methodist Central Hall, Oldham St, Manchester, M1 1JQ
  • Meanwhile we’d love you to tweet or write to Manchester City and Manchester United asking them to pay their staff a Living Wage, especially in the run up to the derby!


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