Calling on Manchester City & United to pay a Living Wage

To mark Living Wage Week 2013, the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign today called on Manchester City and Manchester United – the two wealthiest clubs in the Premier League – to make a public commitment to paying a Living Wage to the hard-working staff who make it all happen on matchdays.

Increasing numbers of people across Greater Manchester are struggling to make ends meet.  The Greater Manchester Poverty Commission reported earlier in the year that over 140,000 people across Greater Manchester are paid less than a Living Wage – which went up to £7.65 an hour this week.

Niall Cooper, Director of the Manchester–based charity Church Action on Poverty, speaking on behalf of the campaign said:

“Manchester City and Manchester United are two the wealthiest and most high profile football clubs on the planet.  If both clubs can afford to pay their players in excess of £100,000 a week, they can also well afford to pay the thousands of staff who make it happen on matchdays and throughout the year a Living Wage.”

“We call on both Manchester clubs to show they are truly world class ethical businesses, by paying a Living Wage not only to their own staff, but to all the workers who serve the food, clean the ground, and provide security to the supporters and contribute to their success.”  

“This week Arsenal football club has come in for criticism for failing to pay a Living Wage – it would be fantastic news for Manchester, if one or both of our clubs used Living Wage week to state publicly that they were putting an end to poverty pay.”

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