Living Wage Week

A summary of what’s happening around Living Wage Week, 3-9th November 2013:

  • On Sunday 3rd November Interim Coordinator Tom Skinner was interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester about the Campaign and more – you can listen until Saturday here, 2:05 hrs in
  • Ed Miliband announced that a Labour Government would give firms a tax break of up to £1,000 for every employee whose wages they raise to the Living Wage, because of the huge savings and extra revenue for Government when people are paid more
  • The Living Wage rate was raised to £7.65 per hour – a pay rise for 30,000 people, but it was revealed that 5m are now paid less than the Living Wage so we have plenty of work to do!
  • The Living Wage Foundation’s event, their first ever in Greater Manchester, has been opened out to all supporters of the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign. It’s in Manchester College, 10:30 on Friday 8th November, more information here
  • Many partners have been campaigning for a Living Wage, such as Unison and GMB, whose Nat’l Sec for Public Service said “There are over a quarter of a million low paid  workers in local government, but paying them the living wage does more than just give them and their families a decent standard of living. The benefits also spread to local communities – council workers spend more than half their earnings in their local area. Councils also benefit as employers, with lower staff turnover and higher morale bringing savings and improved services.”
  • Meanwhile we have been meeting several interested organisations and hope to announce new members of the campaign soon
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