The Campaign’s Launched, Now To Start the Real Work!

Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart Talking at Launch Event


The Campaign launched on 28th October 2013, kindly hosted by Greater Manchester Churches Together at their Annual Assembly. Mayor of Salford City Ian Stewart shared about the work they are doing to improve workers’ conditions in Salford through an employers’ charter that includes the Living Wage, and Director of Church Action on Poverty Niall Cooper spoke about the need for a Living Wage to address a great need, and the vision of Greater Manchester as a Living Wage Zone.

There was great support from those in attendance, with bishops and mayors pledging their support for the Campaign, and over a quarter of attendees signing up to get involved.

Next stop, an event organised by the Living Wage Foundation on November 8th, at which we look forward to meeting more Living Wage employers and asking them to support the Campaign, to help spread Living Wages all across Greater Manchester

Bishops and Mayors Pledging Their Support

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One Response to The Campaign’s Launched, Now To Start the Real Work!

  1. paulkeeb says:

    Sorry I couldn’t get there. Glad it went well.

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